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Century Link Fraud

Oregon Consumer League Warns Consumers About CenturyLink’s Deceptive Billing Practices CenturyLink appears to have a pattern of fraudulently billing customers in two ways: CenturyLink customers are finding charges on their bills for services they did not request. This came to light earlier this year when a former CenturyLink employee claims she was fired for blowing […]

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Department Of Revenue Stopped the Comcast Con!

This week, the Oregon Department of Revenue decided to reject Comcast’s tax con — and you helped make that happen! The Coalition for Corporate Responsibility — a group of consumer and tax policy organizations that includes the Oregon Consumer League, Tax Fairness Oregon, The Oregon Center for Public Policy, and OSPIRG — submitted a petition […]

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Comcast sinks to a new low

Last year, the Oregon Legislature passed a package of tax breaks (SB 611) with three main goals in mind: Give a tax break to data centers as a way to bolster Oregon’s rural economies; Give a tax break to telecom companies that offer affordable, high-speed internet to draw new services like Google Fiber to Oregon; […]

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Stop the Comcast Con!

As an Oregonian, you pay your fair share of taxes. So why don’t large and out-of-state corporations do the same?   Comcast, the cable TV, internet, and phone service provider, recently applied for a tax break meant for Google — a tax break that would save the company tens of millions of dollars. In an attempt […]

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Press Release: Oregon Consumers Ask Department of Revenue to “Stop the Comcast Con”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Shamus Lynsky, 503-314-3336 Oregon Consumers Ask Department of Revenue to “Stop the Comcast Con” (PORTLAND) — The Oregon Consumer League and a coalition of consumer and tax policy organizations are joining together to protect Oregon taxpayers and prevent Comcast from creating a loophole to win a multi-million dollar tax break […]

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World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

“It’s World Elder Abuse Awareness Day – it’s not a celebratory day, but rather a day to talk about preventing, identifying, and responding to elder abuse and financial exploitation. Whether you are an older adult, care for one, or simply know someone who is a senior, you can do something to prevent elder financial abuse. […]

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Oregon Supreme Court: controversial law to cap suing the state stands

Consumers took a major hit in the Oregon Supreme Court yesterday. As a result of an OHSU doctor’s negligence, a child was catastrophically injured. He was taken to Stanford University Medical Center in California for life-saving surgeries to correct what OHSU had done. Those surgeries cost millions of dollars, and because of the Oregon Supreme […]

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