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During a White House Roundtable on 8/15/2023, CFPB Director Chopra announced that the CFPB will be developing rules to prevent misuse and abuse by data brokers that track, collect, and monetize information about people. Many of these firms assemble data to feed “artificial intelligence” (AI) that makes decisions about our daily lives. After conducting a public inquiry into data brokers and assessing today’s uses of AI that are often powered by data from the surveillance industry, the CFPB will be issuing proposed rules under the Fair Credit Reporting Act to address business practices used by  companies that assemble and monetize our data.For more information, check out:  

Readout of White House Roundtable on Protecting Americans from Harmful Data Broker Practices | The White House

When consumers buy products from online marketplaces, the identity of the seller is often unclear. The goal of the INFORM Consumers Act is to add more transparency to online transactions and to deter criminals from acquiring stolen, counterfeit, or unsafe items and selling them through those marketplaces. The Act also makes sure online marketplace users have a way to report suspicious conduct concerning high-volume third party sellers.  To learn more, check out:  Informing Businesses about the INFORM Consumers Act | Federal Trade Commission (ftc.gov)

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