Divest Oregon Legal Aid From Wells Fargo

Oregon Legal Aid

Oregon Legal Aid belongs to the community, and to the workers and volunteers who support it. At the Oregon Consumer League, it has come to our attention that Oregon Legal Aid executives are ignoring their own workers union and allies by failing to divest from Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo is truly the worst possible bank to do business with, and we call on Oregon Legal Aid’s executives to immediately announce the transfer of its accounts to another institution.

Wells Fargo’s abuse of elderly Oregonians is real.

Wells Fargo’s insistence on secrecy and forced arbitration is real.

Wells Fargo’s racism is real.

Wells Fargo’s fake account scandal is real.

Wells Fargo’s wrongful foreclosure scandal is real.

Wells Fargo’s forged documents scandal is real.

Wells Fargo’s fraud victim account closure scandal is real.

Wells Fargo’s wrongful termination of whistleblowers in our community is real.

Wells Fargo bespeaks a banking culture that is not tolerable in America. And its behavior in our community will not change until local governments, schools, unions, and organizations join together to hold it accountable. For this reason, Oregon Legal Aid must divest from Wells Fargo.

Please listen to the voice of your workers union. Please listen to the voice of your allies like the Oregon Consumer League. Please listen to the voice of your local volunteer attorneys and staff. Please listen to the voice of the members of our local community denied access to justice by Wells Fargo.

If Oregon Legal Aid’s executives don’t have the courage to divest from Wells Fargo, then the community must begin divesting Oregon Legal Aid from its executives.

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