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Department Of Revenue Stopped the Comcast Con!

This week, the Oregon Department of Revenue decided to reject Comcast’s tax con — and you helped make that happen! The Coalition for Corporate Responsibility — a group of consumer and tax policy organizations that includes the Oregon Consumer League, Tax Fairness Oregon, The Oregon Center for Public Policy, and OSPIRG — submitted a petition […]

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Comcast sinks to a new low

Last year, the Oregon Legislature passed a package of tax breaks (SB 611) with three main goals in mind: Give a tax break to data centers as a way to bolster Oregon’s rural economies; Give a tax break to telecom companies that offer affordable, high-speed internet to draw new services like Google Fiber to Oregon; […]

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Stop the Comcast Con!

As an Oregonian, you pay your fair share of taxes. So why don’t large and out-of-state corporations do the same?   Comcast, the cable TV, internet, and phone service provider, recently applied for a tax break meant for Google — a tax break that would save the company tens of millions of dollars. In an attempt […]

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Press Release: Oregon Consumers Ask Department of Revenue to “Stop the Comcast Con”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Shamus Lynsky, 503-314-3336 Oregon Consumers Ask Department of Revenue to “Stop the Comcast Con” (PORTLAND) — The Oregon Consumer League and a coalition of consumer and tax policy organizations are joining together to protect Oregon taxpayers and prevent Comcast from creating a loophole to win a multi-million dollar tax break […]

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The high cost of being poor

In a recent survey conducted by our national partners at the Consumer Federation of America, the high cost of being poor was confirmed yet again: “Good drivers of “lower economic status” can pay nearly twice as much for auto insurance than higher-income drivers. That comes to about $600 to $900 more per year for the […]

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World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

“It’s World Elder Abuse Awareness Day – it’s not a celebratory day, but rather a day to talk about preventing, identifying, and responding to elder abuse and financial exploitation. Whether you are an older adult, care for one, or simply know someone who is a senior, you can do something to prevent elder financial abuse. […]

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Oregon Supreme Court: controversial law to cap suing the state stands

Consumers took a major hit in the Oregon Supreme Court yesterday. As a result of an OHSU doctor’s negligence, a child was catastrophically injured. He was taken to Stanford University Medical Center in California for life-saving surgeries to correct what OHSU had done. Those surgeries cost millions of dollars, and because of the Oregon Supreme […]

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What does the FTC need to know about car buying?

Our national partner, Consumer Federation of America, just alerted us to an opportunity to bring auto issues to the attention of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC): “The Federal Trade Commission is seeking public comment on a proposed qualitative survey of consumers to learn about their experiences in buying and financing automobiles at dealerships. The comments […]

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